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Outlook is everything
8th January 2008
By Cliff Sain
The News Leader, visit

The News Leader interviewed a remarkable young man with a refreshingly positive attitude. Jacob Conti was born with a rare genetic condition resulting in the absence of tibial bones in both his legs. As a consequence of his condition, Jacob required an amputation of his lower legs when he was a few months old. Despite this apparent setback, Jacob has inspired those around him with his determination to lead a fully active life. Jacob told the reporter from the News Leader that he does not feel disadvantaged. “I really don’t feel any resentment or anger”. Jacob added “I don’t have any problems. I’m just the same as everybody. I never felt that there is something wrong with me”. Jacob Conti’s positive attitude has impressed many people in the local community. One of his teachers, Cleo Harger, told the reporter that Jacob is an inspiring young man. “He is an excellent student and a very polite and pleasant young man. My life is richer because Jacob is part of it this year”.