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The news summaries are arranged into a number of specific categories to make your search easier. Summaries of the news articles which have appeared over the last few months are contained under "Inspirational News Stories". Each category also contains an "Archive" section.    

You may wish to simply read the short summaries and lift your spirits but we would encourage you to go much further! Each summary provides a link to the original source of the story. Follow the link and find the original news story. 

Each summary includes the title of the original story, name of the publication, the date it appeared and the author of the article. If you experience difficulties, consider contacting the publisher of the original article who might be able to assist you. You might find other newspapers have also written articles about the individual in question. Why not do a brief web search using your favorite search engine? Google is highly recommended.

We sincerely hope that you find these stories enjoyable and that they give you strength and courage. Good luck and happy reading from all at Rediscover Hope!

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