Help for Kids Gives support and help for kids on everyday hassles. Help for kids in an emergency Childline provides a 24 hour helpline for kids in a crisis. Help for kids whose parents have problems with drugs. Help for kids when mum or dad suffers from mental illness Useful information about many illnesses in kids Help for kids and parents about stopping bullying and harassment at school. There are other good sites elsewhere on the web.

Help for Adolescents/ Teens Provides help on a wide range of important issues, with a detailed list of contacts for all kinds of help in several countries. Information and support when a parent is alcoholic. Information and advice about improving your self-esteem. Feel much better about yourself!

Help for Parents

Even in ideal circumstances it is hard being a parent! If your child is ill, disabled or has a behavioural problem then life gets very difficult indeed and you might need some help. Do not be afraid to ask for help. It is not the sign of failure, it is the sign of a loving and dedicated parent! You will find more useful links in the other categories. Parents whose child is sick or disabled should see specific categories in other useful sites listed below. Most major childhood illnesses have a well-organised support group for parents, kids and carers. Child advocacy homepage. Contains a useful area called 'Talk to your kids' with helpful advice for discussing difficult issues. Practical parenting advice The American Medical Association site contains an Adolescent Health Online section that directs you towards many other useful resources. Non profit organisation which supports parents with troubled children Has a useful section on improving self-esteem. Practical information for divorcing parents about minimising the impact of the separation on the kids. Internet resources for parents of intellectually disabled children Education and health care information for parents

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