Act Now. Healing starts today!

Life is full of excuses for procrastination. Some of these excuses for delay or inaction sound more convincing than others. Few of these excuses are legitimate reasons to avoid making choices essential to healing and recovery. Regrettably, many people experience needless hardship, hurt, anxiety or frustration because of procrastination. Perhaps we are afraid of the consequences of our actions? Maybe the solutions to life's problems appear too difficult or require too much effort. Perhaps our self-esteem is damaged so badly that we no longer believe that happiness and fulfillment are deserved. Countless people feel constrained by work or family obligations or the expectations of others. Other individuals seek only 'perfect'                          solutions perceived to be cost free, immediate and require no effort. A                                  number of reasons are given for a failure to take critical actions. In the real                            world, healing and rebuilding do require effort and often involve painful                                  choices. Do not be discouraged. Personal happiness and health are worth                            every bit of that effort. Procrastination causes us to lose opportunities and                            suffer unnecessarily. Problems which are ignored do not just go away. They                        simply become intractable, entrenched and even more difficult to solve. Act                          today. Do not wait until tomorrow!

Let's look at some of those everyday excuses thrown up to justify procrastination. Do they stack up? Can we learn to look at these situations from a different perspective and overcome barriers to our own personal enrichment and healing? 

I'm too tired, I'm too busy
We often feel weary because of our responsibilities, activities and obligations. Are any of these commitments more critical than our happiness and good health? Many are not. It is important to review our priorities. Maintaining our health is also important. Often, we can manage our time better, share responsibility or delegate responsibility. Is the balance in your life suitable for you? If not, it might be time for a change!

I'm too ill
Sickness certainly does restrict our participation in some activities. Many people however who suffer illness or disability lead lives which are active and rewarding. A glance at other sections of this website will confirm this reality. Sick or disabled people work, travel, study, operate businesses and are socially active. Do not allow an illness or disability to become an excuse for procrastination.

I don't know enough
One of the real joys of life is the experience of learning new things and mastering new skills. Many people have hidden talents which are only revealed when they are prepared to try new activities. Don't be afraid to fail. Hunger for success, fulfillment and learning.

I'm too young, I'm too old
You deserve a successful and happy life irrespective of your age. The boundaries of achievement are continually shifting and changing. Older people are learning new skills and assuming different responsibilities. Many young people are starting to realize their personal potential. Never allow your age to discourage your participation in positive and rewarding activities.

What will other people think?
You do not need the approval of other people to live a happy and rewarding life. What matters are your own health, happiness and success. If other people really care about you they should support your search for happiness and fulfillment. At very worst, they should at least respect your right to live a free and independent life. People forgo opportunities because they are afraid to appear foolish. Consider the legitimate needs of others however maintain a fair perspective on your legitimate personal needs. Do not be afraid to make courageous decisions to heal your life.  

I do not deserve happiness anyway
You deserve happiness, good health and success every bit as much as everyone else. No excuse for procrastination here! Even if you have made mistakes in the past there is no reason whatsoever why you do not deserve a second chance. You are not obliged to bear guilt forever. Build a future filled with hope and promise. It's yours if you wish to take the opportunity. Make every opportunity count.

I am too unlucky
Successful people have a happy knack of creating opportunities. They often fail but they learn from their mistakes and work hard to improve. Few individuals are genuinely cursed. Make a clear plan and look ahead. Remain committed to a happy life. There is no logical reason why your luck should be any worse than anyone else. If you neither create nor take opportunities then life cannot improve.

It is too early, it is too late
The best time to commit yourself to a happy and hopeful life is now. No time is quite like the present. Every day provides several opportunities to learn, build relationships and make plans for a better future. It is always the right time to make strong, positive choices.

The weather is too bad today
Climatic conditions make a useful scapegoat for inaction in many situations.  Act now, the weather might be even worse tomorrow! Are other people allowing the same weather remove their opportunities? Probably not!

I'm not 100% sure
Life offers few perfect choices. Almost inevitably our choices require effort, patience or other costs. Reasonable risks sometimes need to be taken. We shouldn't live recklessly or irresponsibly but sometimes we need to give a little to obtain a reward. Life is far too short and opportunities too limited. Be aware of the consequences of your actions but do not be paralyzed by fear.

Make a positive choice to change your life today. What are you waiting for? Make a start, however humble. Firmly grasp the opportunity to create a better future

By Doctor Andrew Rylatt (Medical Doctor)
10th January 2005
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